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. dollars to the Ghanaian government for use▓ in assessment centres across the country.The equipment, which includes child-sized wheelcha▓irs, crutches, complete spectacles, hearin▓g aids, Snellen charts and tossing rings, will provide th▓e muc

h needed support for selected communities, especially pupils and students with special educational needs."Thousands of children with mild to moderate disabilities in Ghana now have greater access to mainstream schools, thanks to a recently establis▓hed Inclusive Education (IE) policy," UNICEF Ghana said in a release.UNICEF, with funding ▓support from U.S. Agency for Interna▓tional Development (USAID), is working▓ with the Ghanaian government through▓ the Ghana Education Service (GES) to support 20 district

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s in the implementation of inclusive education.Despite the commitment made by Ghana in its inclusive education poli▓cy, children with disabilities are still at ris▓k of stigma, misunderstanding, and discrimination, particularly within their loc


al communities.Such discrimination hinders a child'▓s chance to receive quality education.UNICEF said it would continue to sup▓port the Ghanaian government through the educat▓ion authorities, and Civil Society Organizati▓ons (CSOs) to create aw

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